Portrait Photography

 Three hour shoot for £125.

  • Specialist Studio Photography for Stream Punks, Cosplay, and Retro dressers.

  • Advanced lighting that can only be done with studio lights and the necessary skills.

  • Get a whole day in the studio for your shoot. Ample time for elaborate makeup.

  • Alternative, Burlesque, Vintage, Goth, Tattoo, Steam punks, and bikers all catered for. 

Attracting enthusiasts from the South East: Buckinghamshire,Oxfordshire,Berks,Herts,and west London.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a shoot last?
As long as you want it to. We only ever do one shoot per day so you are never in a queue. Most shoots last about 3 hours and about 250 pictures are taken.

Can I share the cost of a shoot with a friend?
Certainly,but remember you will not get as many individual pictures of yourself if that is what you are after.

What should I bring to the shoot?
We always encourage people to bring as many props as possible:musical instruments,sports gear, pets,costumes, goth outfit,tattoos, dance costumes, favorite dresses.(There is a place for you to change)

Can I bring a makeup artist with me?
Yes, anybody  that can add to your pictures is encouraged.

Is it possible to do group shoots?
Yes, but always phone David first to find out if there is enough space.

Can our pictures be used on the internet?
After you have bought your prints your favourite pictures will can be uploaded if you wish.

What can I do with the photos?
They can be printed as canvasses, wall pictures, printed books,photo albums, website/phone pictures etc. We spend lots of time helping newly established people working in the arts and design to get powerful website photographs.

With our experience and expertise, we aim to make quality portraits that capture something special, something that reflects the real you.

You can choose between a studio session or a location shoot which enables us to work with you in the comfort of your own home or other familiar surroundings.

We want to ensure that your portrait sitting is a great experience that will give you something special to cherish and display with pride.

When you book your sitting, we will discuss what you are looking for from your portrait sitting and perhaps advise you on what to wear and possible props or items to bring.

For studio portraits, we suggest bringing several changes of clothes; we have a changing area, with a large mirror to ensure you look your best for your portrait.

The session itself will be up to three hours long, to allow us to work with you, changing clothes, lighting and backgrounds to suit the mood you want.

You will see all the images as they are taken on a monitor and choose only those you want with no obligation.

At the viewing appointment, we won't try to hard sell our choice of pictures,

Portrait Shoot Prices

Studio session of up to three hours £125
Extra prints are 6x9inch   £10 each.
10x8inch   £30 each.   A3 prints £60
A3+ prints on artists' watercolour paper  £80 each.

Canvas prints available in a variety of sizes. £120 for 24x24inches square pictures.

Printed books are also available of your shoot. A wide range of frames can be also supplied. Studio shoots can be shared between a number of people.


Location shoots  Photographs taken at the clients own home or office.

£125 under 3 hours including one large print.

£150 over 3 hours inclunding one large print.

Both shoots incur a mileage charge of 48p per mile.

Extra Prints

All of the above weddings are complete prices for the package. Friends and relatives may want to buy extra prints which are the same price whatever shoot or service is invloved. These photos can be selected from our password protected our website.

6x9 inch colour prints.Indivdually cropped and colour graded. £10 each

10x8 colour prints, Some Photoshop work, individually cropped and colour balanced. £30 each

A3+ (19 x 13 inches) State of the art pigment prints with extensive art work and colour correction. Printed on watercolour paper with a fade free life expectancy of 200 years.These pictures are intended for framing. £80 each.

Canvas Prints 33x24 inches £120.  Most other sizes available.

Printed high quality book of your shootwhich will be a lasting momento. Depending on the size and cover £180




Biker-Portraits shoots

Frequently asked questions

Can I get my bike into your studio?

There is a ramp into the building . Most users switch the engine on and walk the motorbike into the building. The is space to photograph largest of motorcycles.

Who can take part in the shoot?

You can bring who you like. Bikers are often accompanied by a car with a partner driving who also takes part in the shoot. This also gets around the problem of bringing props and clothing to the shoot that you might want to use.

Its been raining...my motorcycle is soaked. Will I have time to clean it?

Of course you will. There is only one shoot per day. you are never in a queue.

Do you do any retouching?
If there is a paint scratch this can always be removed in any print you buy. Minor dents can usually be treated too.

Reserve your shoot.  Send two possible dates other than Wednesdays.  Use the contacts page.

Photoshoot with a motorcycle brought into the studio are charged at  £150 with prints at the above prices. Restricted to one bike per shoot in the studio.