The Raven Road and Springfield Road Photo Project

Raven Road Musicians Playing Carols

The idea

Fifty years have now gone by since Michael Young and Peter Wilmott published their famous book Family life and Kinship in East London. The book was based on some grim tenement blocks that surrounded a small Victorian school in Bethnal Green. By chance, I started my teaching career at this school. Waterlows Industrial Buildings was as depressing a place to grow up in as you could imagine. Yet Young and Wilmot found that there were many positive things about the area and the people that lived there.
    My idea springs from the content of this book. The Jubilee Party in 2012 introduced me to lots of people who had been close but unknown to me for the last thirty years. I would make an photographic exhibition of the positive aspects of Raven Road. When we moved into Raven Road in 1977, the village of Stokenchurch was often dismissed as a dormitory village. A place where people slept when not working in London where little else happened. This is untrue.

About me

I have had my photographs published in national newspapers, an exhibition at the Photofusion Gallery, and have work in the collection of the Museum of London. All of my working life has been spent in teaching in a college art department. See my website In this project I will be assisted by photographer and computer genius Derek Wells. Tel 07769 895900

Project rules

If you wish to participate you must:-

  1. Live in Raven or Springfield Road. If you are a student away at uni you are still included.
  2. All the photography will be entirely free. You will get an email version of any picture used in the exhibition. If you wish to buy any prints they will be sold at my normal prices. Any profit made will go to Nirvin's charity helping street children in Nepal.
  3. The proposed exhibition will be open for Bucks Arts Week or at a future street party if this happens.


Its amazing the range of interests and occupations people have outside their normal employment. If you wish to take part please get in touch. I need to contact anyone involved in the following:

  • music
  • painting, sculpture, objects etc
  • embroidering, knitting, textile arts
  • dancing folk, ballet etc
  • Car and motorbike restoration.
  • Cookery, cake decoration
  • Working with animals
  • Sports activities
  • Work for organisations
  • Anything I might have missed that is largely non commercial.

Email me at or phone 483887, or knock on the door for a chat at 17, Raven Road.