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Art houses in the London Area


I started out photographing artist’s studios as final project on a BA Photographic course at Westminster University. After I had left the university  I took the opportunity to broaden the scope of the work to include activities like tattooing, hairdressing, clothing fashions,car painting etc. Concentrating on the diversity of artwork rather than any idea of quality or type.  Visits to the tattoo studios of Lal Hardy (New Wave Tattoos), George Bone, Jon Nott(working in Guildford and Brighton), and Ian of Reading all greatly assisted me with a group of contacts. One contact led to another as people began to talk to their friends about my work. I evolved a way of working that got connections from long chains of friends involved in similar activities.

Arts organisations were avoided as I quickly discovered that they had there own institutional idea about whose artwork represented their collective outlook best. Occasionally I would meet a person who seemed to be at the hub of a huge number of contacts: Mary (I still don't know her surname), Lal Hardy, and one or two others. These people had rich Filofaxes full of useful contacts and shared their knowledge generously with me.The interiors were the hardest to locate. Most were in situations that could be described as temporary or insecure. Almost all of the places shown have been destroyed since being photographed.

 A little of this work has been exhibited at the Photofusion Gallery in London, in  two Southern Arts Touring Exhibitions, and in a few group exhibitions at the Museum of London, and infrequently in magazines and newspapers like the Observer, Independent, and Guardian. Most of the work from the archive has not been been seen.

The bulk of the work was done in the London area. This is broadly defined as the conurbation and its satellite commuter towns. Over the years increasing traffic congestion has made doing the work more expensive and arduous, yet it still continues.

 My first online exhibition is about domestic interiors. In many ways they are the most difficult to discover as I have to rely completely on word of mouth descriptions. Most of them are very fragile constructed in squats or short let rented accommodation. I suspect most of the residents will have moved on to other places.

Should anyone reading this have possible connections with similar people and work that they think I would be interested in, please use the contact form at the end this site to inform me.

I have further work that I plan to show:-

The Decorated Body. A collection of tattooed people.

Companionate Animals.


Ordering prints

All of the pictures on show can be purchased as prints and posted in card tubes anywhere worldwide. They are about size A3+ (13x19ins) These, when mounted, comfortably fit into 20x24 inch frames. The proportions of each picture varies slightly as they are cropped to best suit the image. They are printed on cotton rag Hahnemuhler watercolour paper using HP pigment inks. The manufacturers claim a fade free life of 200 years if properly conserved. Prints cost £80 each unmounted (plus £5 postage from outside the UK).


To order a picture contact me by email and quote the image number


The printing is done by Kevin Dobson at Printyours  to files made and corrected by myself.




Art Houses in the London Area.


Artists house squat in East LondonStudio

London Interiors 1

Completely derelict house suffering from planners' blight  used as a residence and studio. Heating stove made from propane bottle.



Flat in Camden Town Camden Flat

London Interiors 2

Former Art Student with interior decorations. Based in Camden Town this former art student was much involved with self made clothes and interior decorations.



Sculptor’s flat Tottenham. Picture in collection of the Museum of LondonTottenham kitchen

London Interiors 3

Sculptor's kitchen in Tottenham, North London. Modifying a small conventional EdwardianTottenham house to make a personal mark on the interior design is a high priority for many young people, This particular photo is in the collection of the Museum of London.


Security gate in Towerblock flatTower Block

London Interiors 4

The previous resident of this tower block flat felt sufficiently insecure when at home had this gate was fitted to the interior to allow the owner to lock herself inside.


Wall murals in film makers flat. Slade school graduate.Slade School film maker

London Interiors 5

Slade school graduate and art film maker. Tower block now demolished.


Funeral decorations. Welyn Garden City Funeral art interior

London Interiors 6

Funeral decorations in Flat influenced by a V&A exhibition.


Flat of student with Furniture Design degreeFurniture Designer

London Interiors 7

Spanish student with design degree in Furniture from Bucks New University.


Mother and daughterNew Romantics Household

London Interiors 8

New Romantic mother and daughter at home in their Finsbury Park Flat



Sculptor with fibreglass art workSculptors house

London Interiors 9

Glass fibre art work. Sculptor in squat house in East London


Circus artist in London Factory Squat.Appeared in opening of the Dome(O2)Former  Factory Squat

London Interiors 10

This circus artist specialised in performing tricks on one rope. His act was used in the opening of the Dome in 2000. He lived in a disused furniture factory.