On Site Training courses can offer the best solution to your problems.


  • Visit your workplace to assess your problems
  • Assess existing  equipment suitability
  • Study your working methods
  • Do explanations of what improvements you need to do.
  • Submit a list of improvments and  likely costs

Although some situations are best dealt with in my studio, particularly where equipment has not yet been bought, there are times when looking at the situation as a whole would be advantageous.

Recent on site courses have revealed minor problems that the person doing the work had failed to notice and weren’t mentioned in phone conversations about their particular difficulties.

These included the purchase of an 'automatic' camera with a focusing system simply not up to the job, mixed lighting and lack of understanding of colour in digital photography, fuzzy images caused by a poor tripod ( camera shake.)

Simple problems are easily missed!

I will visit your place of work and look at your equipment and working methods. I will them tell you how to correct them. I will also supply a list of equipment and an estimate of the cost for putting the situation right.

On site courses cost from £185 per day, plus travelling expenses.