Short Courses in Photography

Your own special course. Always one to one teaching

As a former senior lecturer at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College for many years, and being responsible for the colleges PR photography, David has extensive experience of teaching photography and of sharing his knowledge of photography and photographic technique with those new to photography or looking to expand their experience.

David Turner offers a number of courses which are run on a one-to-one basis.

The content of each course can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Courses can be scheduled at times to suit you, including weekends.

Visits to offices and factories can also be arranged. This has has the big advantage that the suitabilty of equippment and staff can be better assessed and practical advice given specific to each working situation. Please phone or email for more information.

 Introduction To Digital Photography

Course Fee £150 

One to one courses

Aimed at first time users and buyers of digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras or advanced bridge cameras, who are looking to increase their understanding of photography and its terminology, along with hands-on guidance in getting the best from their cameras.

Lenses, apertures, ISO numbers, colour temperatures, shutter speeds, light metering systems, exposure compensation, program modes ... answering those "How do I ..." questions about your camera, and taking the guesswork out of using it.

Much of the day is spent in discussion of how systems work and how they have evolved. Some practical work is done and students leave with a project to work on if they wish.

For further information on the introduction to digital photography course, click here

Introduction To Studio Lighting

A more advanced approach for photographers who own, or are going to buy, studio flash portable equipment.

There are three variations in the studio lighting course according to the photographers interests:

           Product photography for people who want to generate pictures for eBay and website work. Catalogue photos. Basically sales pictures.

           Still life work. More complex images with a narrative. Book cover type images. Pictures that tell a storey.

           Portrait lighting Using studio lighting on a for various portrait subjects.

Lightingequipmentandfinished photo
















Course Fee £150

One to one courses

This, our entry level studio course, is for students with some experience of digital SLR cameras or advanced bridge cameras who want to try more controlled studio photography.

The course covers working in a studio enviroment, safely using flash equipment, measuring exposure using flash meters, and designing the lighting for an image, along with the opportunity for you to take your own pictures through the day as a number of lighting techniques are demonstrated.

You can find more information about the course and its content on our Short Course in Studio Lighting page.

Product Photography

Product photographs:War Medals,ceramics,toys,Camera back,l

Five pictures of varied products:Light Fitting,Food,Flowercloseup,Vase and motorbike

Course Fee £150

One to one courses

Want to do your own pack shot and product photography for your web site or catalogues? Then this course is aimed at you.

We are happy to show you how to take better advertising and product photographs.

We can offer general digital product photography courses, which cover composition and lighting techniques, the technical aspects of photography (exposure, depth of field etc) and what to do with the images once you have downloaded them from the camera (image processing in Photoshop, using images for both web and print).

Any teaching is customised to individual clients requirements, so can include specialist aspects such as colour management, if required.

Depending on your needs, the course can be run at your premises or at our studio in Stokenchurch.

Whilst we can bring along an impressive array of equipment to show what can be done, we find it much better to help people get the best out of their own set-up.

We are also able to advise you on cameras and other equipment for product photography - although we do not actually supply such items ourselves.

Because of the bespoke nature of this course, it is essential that you contact David on 01494 483887 and discuss your requirements before booking.

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Still Life Photography

 studio still life images taken using flash lightning

Course Fee £150

One to one courses

This course is for those interested in fine art photography and constructed images.

Depending on your needs, the course looks at working in spaces from the kitchen table to a small studio enviroment, tuning the composition of your image, using light sources from window light to studio flash equipment with both bought and improvised reflectors, and other light modifiers, to shape the lighting for your final image.
The photographic techniques taught on this course will vary from student to student, but will be aimed at helping you develop your own personal style and confidence in using your equipment.

Because of the bespoke nature of this course, and the personal nature of the images produced, it is suggested that you speak with David on 01494 483887 to discuss your requirements before booking.

Portrait and Figure Photography












Course Fee £150

One to one courses

Portrait and figure photography can be used as the basis for for the lighting course. Photographers interested in this approach should phone David first. They can either find there own models or ask Davide to find one for them. This cost, if any, is charged for as an extra.

The course follows a very similar path to the other courses and deals with lighting types,control of lights, flash metering and working out exposure ratios

Open Studio: A fantastic day for three photographers working together.

Pictures of studio shoot of Anoush Waddington's jewellery

Anoush Waddington is a very creative designer jeweller who has shown her work in numerouse venues. She is a member of the Designer Jeweller Group and a former student of David Turner.


Course Fee £150  It is shared between those who attend. Maximum of three photographers plus models.

Get access to a well equipped studio for a day plus teaching and assistance. Any project suitable for the facilites can be worked on. The studio is 25 x 30 feet square. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 3 people giving everyone time and space to work.

Students undergoing more advanced courses at institutions like the Open College of the Arts, The Open University, The Royal Photographic Society, and various part-time photographic degrees are welcome to phone and discuss accessing the studio for project work and supportive lighting tuition. There isn't a set programe of work as each problem is tackled in a different way.

Contact David directly on 01494 483887 or by email.


Comments on our courses ...


Not too technical - Very informative with plenty of theory, discussion and practical work. Teaching style good and well paced. Very enjoyable and good value.

Learned a lot of principles which I will be using straight away. More confident that I can get acceptable images every time.

Very informative. The practical was very hands on and good. I will recommend others for this course.

Spot on. The  one to one was a definite plus. Relaxed atmosphere where we could learn what was needed and take the pictures we wanted. Exactly what I was hoping for.

The course was ideal. Just the right amount of picture taking etc. Explained well and easily understandable. I could easily ask questions.
James W

It was all good, technically easy to follow. I felt comfortable asking any questions I had. I always want to take pictures. The course was a present, and I'm told it was very good value for money.
Richard W

This course did what I wanted - as able to use my own equipment and lighting. this made it far more useful. Good start for better portrait work.

I really enjoyed the course and the depth of background or historical information shared.
Renae B

Gave a good insight to lighting, easy to understand as had no previous experience.

Good balance of theory and practical.
Teresa F

Very friendly when teaching, made me feel confident and got all the information I needed
Gavin L

The time went too quick. Very good