Wedding Photography

Photographing weddings has more variety than most people realize. No two weddings are ever exactly alike, even when they are booked as the same wedding package and shot by the same photographer.

One of the weddings I did last year was for a couple who took full advantage of the extended services that I can offer my wedding clients.

Parisa and Warren visited my studio a couple of weeks after their wedding to add a series of more posed portrait pictures to their very informal wedding pictures.

Parisa was rewarded with some fine prints of her dress showing all its beautiful details, since studio lighting can be controlled in very precise ways that are impossible “on the run”. Most wedding photographers can’t offer a shoot like this simply because they don’t have a studio available for them to do this more planned and considered kind of photography.

Contrast this with her being carried along Chelsea High Street by Warren just after their wedding – a completely spontaneous event that’s never happened at any other wedding I’ve photographed. Spare a thought for myself running after them, trying not to fall over, concentrating on making the picture, getting the exposure right, the focus sharp – all while crossing Chelsea High Street on a Saturday afternoon.

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