Flying problem solver

My latest four short courses have been pleas from small companies and sole traders who desperately need help photographing their products or services for use on the Internet.Lots of them have been sold equipment that is less than ideal for their purpose. Sometimes equipment was fine at the beginning but the range of things offered for sale continues to evolve from the original products. For example, if you bought equipment that was ideal for photographing matt surfaces it would not necessarily work well for glossy or transparent objects.

Simple photograph for eBay using daylight

For this reason it is often beneficial to visit the place where the photography is being done as it allows me to assess things many would not notice. The most common one being very mixed colour temperatures in the studio (often a corner of an office) used for the work. An on site analysis means that simple things a layman might not notice can be dealt with and possible future problems anticipated so they don’t interrupt the companies work flow.
Recently I’ve been to Birmingham, Warwick,
Brighton to do this type of work.Contact me directly for an on site photographic course.