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Using studio Flash:turorial for lighting course.

One light + reflector

For the second lesson, for my lighting course students, lets still keep things very simple and only use one of the flash units again.

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Short course projects

Photographic Course projects

Ideas for photographers to work on as a followup to one day courses run at my Stokenchurch studio or for other courses in photography.

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White paper product photography lighting problem

Photographing white paper.

I get a number of interesting requests for help with photo projects that grow out of the one day short courses that I run in my studio. Many of my customers run small Internet businesses of one form or another. This problem came from a man who was well informed about the technical aspects of photography and had set up a website to sell high quality sheets of paper suitable for use by artists, craft workers, and designers.

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Portrait shoots

Portrait shoots A huge range of people come to our Stokenchurch Studio for portrait sessions . Here is a list of recent activities: Birthdays,18+ parties, mother and babies, children, college alumni, friends, pictures for websites, work portraits, musicians, dancers, actors, people with their pets, family groups, partnerships, couples, model portfolios, lifestyle shoots, workshops, industrial clothing, dance groups etc.

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Things customers don’t see……Photoshop work

There has been one very big change since digital photography became popular in the last decade. With film photography there wasn’t very much that could be done after the image had been captured apart form a little local adjustment during printing.

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