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Get it right!


A simple photo of my much loved camera used on Ebay to advertise that it is for sale. Dramatic lighting is unnecessary as its main function is to show potential buyers exactly what they will get should they win the auction. This is a colour digital photograph (Look carefully and you should see some red triangles and numbers on the lens barrel) that has completely neutral tones. If this doesnt appear to be the case it might be that your colour monitor is incorrectly adjusted.

The camera sold for a good price.

Learning digital photography

I have had a lot of requests from people who haveĀ  acquired, or are intending to acquire, their first digital camera. Especially from older people who still have a film camera lying around. Most are shocked when they open the little book that comes with the camera and they have to face a seeming huge range of complexities. Learning digital photography from a base in film photography isn’t so very difficult.

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