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Portraits whatever next?

The progress of computers continues as new software continually is offered for sale. Sometimes it goes round in a complete circle. Photoshop, and many other art editing programmes, have a lot of content about cutting out and pasteing bits of images together in different ways.This technique has been around since Rejlanders first took a pair of scissors and paste to construct his image The two ways of life way back in 1857. He used 32 different carefully posed photographs that conformed to hand drawn master plan of his finished photograph.The technique has been used for good and evil many times since. Another famous example is the photograph of Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky where they were edited out of the photograph at various times in Soviet history. John Heartfield used the method as well to attach Nazi propaganda in the 1930’s spending about a week making each image.

I’ve recently been experimenting with a plugin to refine the cutting out of edges. It works by selecting keep and drop colours. Where there is a colour difference it works very well.Here are some examples where the figure was shot in the studio and the background done elsewhere.

Studio portait with different backgroud shot outside

Studio portrait set in different landscape

Studio picture of model with added waterfall backgound.

Studio P photo with added background.

Studio picture set in an industrial background

Studio portrColour picture,converted to blackand white, with added different background. ait set in different landscape

Colour studio picture with a different background

Get it right!


A simple photo of my much loved camera used on Ebay to advertise that it is for sale. Dramatic lighting is unnecessary as its main function is to show potential buyers exactly what they will get should they win the auction. This is a colour digital photograph (Look carefully and you should see some red triangles and numbers on the lens barrel) that has completely neutral tones. If this doesnt appear to be the case it might be that your colour monitor is incorrectly adjusted.

The camera sold for a good price.

An open letter to Sam about colour problems on websites

Dear Sam,

Thanks for an enjoyable day helping you sort out better ways of photographing cake decorations for use on your employers website.
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Using studio Flash:turorial for lighting course.

One light + reflector

For the second lesson, for my lighting course students, lets still keep things very simple and only use one of the flash units again.

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Football frenzy

The world cup has been well covered by sports photographers. Glance away from following the match to the edge of the field and you will catch glimpses of sports photographers by the dozen all waiting for the shot that will make them a considerable amount of cash.

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Things customers don’t see……Photoshop work

There has been one very big change since digital photography became popular in the last decade. With film photography there wasn’t very much that could be done after the image had been captured apart form a little local adjustment during printing.

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