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Art houses in the London Area

Tree House 4

Living accommodation in the roof space of a disused factory. East End.

For the last 20 years I have been photographing artist’s studios and various art activities. This started as final project on a BA Photographic course at Westminster University. After I had left the university  I took the opportunity to broaden the scope of the work to include activities like tattooing, hairdressing, clothing fashions, car painting etc. Concentrating on the diversity of artwork rather than any idea of quality or type.  Visits to the tattoo studios of Lal Hardy (New Wave Tattoos), George Bone, Jon Nott (working in Guildford and Brighton), and Ian of Reading all greatly assisted me with a group of contacts. One contact led to another as people began to talk to their friends about my work. Continue reading

Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford.

Carnival blog

I’m always looking around for new projects to work on. At every big public event there will be thousands of pictures taken that will progress no further than the camera memory dustbin icon. They are mementos of fun on a fine summer s day. How can you set about revealing something more lasting that speaks about the society we live in? Continue reading

Using studio Flash:turorial for lighting course.

One light + reflector

For the second lesson, for my lighting course students, lets still keep things very simple and only use one of the flash units again.

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Short course projects

Photographic Course projects

Ideas for photographers to work on as a followup to one day courses run at my Stokenchurch studio or for other courses in photography.

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Things customers don’t see……Photoshop work

There has been one very big change since digital photography became popular in the last decade. With film photography there wasn’t very much that could be done after the image had been captured apart form a little local adjustment during printing.

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Little Angels. Meanings in photographs

For art historians much of the 1980’s was preoccupied with rewriting the history of photography. Out went a long continuum of facts and dates and in came a new approach based on the then popular philosophies of structuralism and semiotics. It was argued that all things had many levels of meaning and that these meanings were continually developed by society.


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