Short course projects

Photographic Course projects

Ideas for photographers to work on as a followup to one day courses run at my Stokenchurch studio or for other courses in photography.

Try to spend some time working around a particular photographic problem until you have found a solution. Too many photographers just jump from one snap to another. Real photographers tackle particular situations and produce good results each time. Here are a list of possible ways of extending your skills:-

  1. Lots of people are keen on research into family history. Find a person in your family and build a still-life group of objects associated with them. They might include old framed photos borrowed from other family members, things they owned like a saxophone, pipe, football, jewellery etc
  2. Photograph a couple dressed up for the occasion using lighting appropriate to their costume eg 1950’s glamour portrait in black and white.
  3. Pose a model outside using daylight photography and improvised reflectors.
  4. Find a suitable prop/location for a portrait shoot and experiment with different amount of depth of field so that you can appreciate the different effects that can be obtained.
  5. Find a picture that you like and attempt to set up your lighting and model in a similar way.
    Copying photographs is far from easy!
  6. Stretch your camera. Choose maximum ISO and go out at twilight to take some pictures. Keep working till it gets almost dark. You will be amazed at the results.
  7. Do a series on freezing movement by adjusting camera speeds. Try setting your camera to speed priority (S,TV, or T on the command wheel) You might need to use a tripod or you could pan.
  8. Make 3 matching landscape views of the same area paying particular attention to getting the tonality of the skies correct. Print the images as Christmas presents. Find out how to change the colour balance and the effect it can have.

9   Work out a way to make a child wrapped in a white sheet appear a ghost in your garden or        house.