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Interior of Stokenchurch studio with photographer

Take better product photographs

One to one training can help small companies develop better product photographs for website display. Small companies and sole traders can benefit from on site training or take advantage of a fully equipped studio easily accessible from M25/M40.

Learn how to make photographs better than the opposition.With the proliferation of photographic equipment available traders are sometimes deluded into thinking that the solution will be to purchase product X. Usually the problems are more subtle if really good results are to be consistently achieved.

One to one training courses are the most efficient sort of photographic training. They can take place at the factory, warehouse, or in my studio. It is always better to consult a professional before purchasing expensive equipment that might exceed your needs or abilities. I have wide experience in working with educational institutions of all types and have produced images for school prospectuses, at social occasions for parent/teachers organsisations, charitable events, school workshops, photographs for Ph.D theses and countless pictures of work made in colleges for final exams, job applications, press releases, publicity etc.

New On site training courses £180 per day

I have recently done on-site courses at the following range of companies:-

Toys: A large toy importer who needed help photographing toys for website use. This involved complex photographic problems. As the toys were usually packed in shiny plastic they were very light reflective.

Furniture: Setting up a studio for a furniture manufacturer who needed large pieces of upholstered furniture displayed on white pure backgrounds with naturalistic shadows under them.

Cake decorations: A cake decoration manufacturer having colour balance problems that detracted from his products. Poor colour rendition in website pictures

Portraits: A portrait photographer who wanted to have a practise day using a large strip soft box.

Phones: A phone case retailer who needed website pictures of his products that changed very frequently.

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Beginners with digital cameras

Mrs X was given an expensive camera as a present. Although she had a good knowledge of wet photography she had yet to make the change to digital. The camera handbook was largely unreadable jargon. I spent a day working with her in order to make the camera comprehensible. Without the course she would have just switched to programme and used the camera like a £80 point and shoot model.

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Product photography

 Hand upholstered armchair shot in factory studio a typical website product photograph Work for a manufacturer of high quality uphlostery.

Small companies often need help getting the right quality of photographs that look professional enough for use on their website. This is more dependent on skill in lighting rather than the quality of camera used. Depending on the type of product sold a range of solutions is possible. On site photography using a temporary studio, ship the products to my studio for more advanced work, or help and advice for doing the photography yourself.

Industral coffee making machine a typical website photograph difficult for amateurs to produce Web catalogue photographs for a firm that supplies coffee making equipment to hotels and the catering industry. Lots of difficult reflecttions from a chromed machine








Clay cake decorations. The retailer had problems getting good colour renditions and sharp images.



Contemporary jewellery for Anoush Waddington Photography of contemporary art and craftwork. The neckpiece appears to float in space.

Antique silver tray














 Antique silver always presents many technical challenges. Even inexpensive goods, simply wrapped in cellophane, can be just as difficult. They still reflect the glossy surface in the flash lights.



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Studio Portrait lighting


Recent Testimonials

'David was fabulous to work with. He was very flexible, patient and relaxed, but focused. Very good at passing on his knowledge in an accessible way.'

J.Dommett Jan.2015

'Well focused on importrant areas and good ideas for improvement. Good Value.'

Admiral Hardinge Model Cars Jan 2015



 If you have some photographic knowledge and understand about depth of field, ISO, and work with the manual settings on your DSLR you can have a very enjoyable day learning about studio lighting. You can bring your own model and try out a wide range of lighting effects. The really good thing is the teaching is always one to one so you get the attention necessary to really learn the basics. Fundamentals, like exposure ratios and the correct way to use a flash meters are always carefully explained. You can even bring your own lights to try out. Click here for the best course

Open Studio

You can share a shoot with two friends

£150 per day.


Imagine having access to space, equipment, and know how for the ideas you have always wanted to work on. Click here for more info


The studio is conveniently position a short drive from Exit 5 on the M40 Motorway. Oxford, Reading and west London are only 40 mins away. Birmingham and the west midlands only 90mins. See the Contact page for further information.


Recent Projects

More information on some of these shoots can be found in the Blog.


  • Hasselblad pictures for Ebay Sale
  • Aylesbury Barefoot Belly Dancers studio Shoot
  • Photography of jewellery by Anoush Waddington
  • Oxfam Running Group Shoot
  • Golden wedding Anniversery shoot
  • 90th birthday shoot
  • Myra portrait shoot
  • India Portrait shoot
  • Cafe coffee machines for website                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Testimonials from recent one day courses

"David was invaluable in teaching me aspects of photography such as techniques in getting a really sharp image through correct use of manual focus, and understanding white balance and getting my camera set up properly to use with studio flash. He was also very helpful in helping me decide upon new equipment that I needed."

Richard Jackson, Aura Creative Media

And just to mention I've just been getting a load of photo's done for a website i'm creating (as below) and the manual focus and other points you spoke to me about have really helped, so thanks again and hope to speak to you again soon.

Best Regards


'Balance of talk to practical was about right. The course suited my needs

and I have learnt a great deal and am much more confident in taking on

studio work'.


'I found the tutorial very interesting and have learnt a lot! As a beginner

and complete novice you made me feel very comfortable and helped 

me when I had questions. Thank you very much!'


'Just the right length

Lots of information

Very friendly and informative.'